Stimulating the Acupuncture points can let our body releasing endogenous medicine
(Endorphins) and enhancing the body's self-healing power to treat various diseases

Our main office is located in Somerset New Jersey


The Chinese Acupuncture in Somerset Edison New Jersey

We Are the Best Chinese Acupuncture NYC, NJ Licensed Acupuncturist Community Clinic located in Somerset, Edison New Jersey area.

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Main Office1: 220 Davidson Avenue, Suite 313, Somerset, NJ 08873

Phone:  (917) 612-1710,  (732) 983-2992, (347) 654-9243

Secondary Office2: 85 Raritan Avenue, Suite 500 D,  Highland Park, NJ 08904

Phone: (732) 983-2992, (347) 654-9243



Great Neck Acupuncture NYC Center:

707 Middle Neck Road,
Great Neck, NY 11024

Phone: (516) 466-2585, (347) 654-9243





Through our self-healing system, Traditional Chinese Medicine(Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Herb, Tuina (massage), Qigong, Cupping, Gua Sa, Taiji (exercise), Dietary therapy) treat back Pain, neck pain, migraine/headache, shoulder pain, nerve pain, Arthritis, PMS, painful menstruation, Menopausal syndrome, anxiety, depression, insomnia, acne, short sight, computer vision syndrome, allergy, Infertility, Weight Loss and various Children’ s diseases……






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We take Insurances

We Take (Aetna, ASH, Empire Blue Cross Blue shield {HMO, EPO/PPO, Blue priority EPO, Blue Priority HMO, Pathway (On/Off Exchange), Indenmnity, Empire mediblue Dual, Advantage (HMO SNP), MediBlue HMO, MediBlue PPO} , Medicare (Supplemental Plans, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Travel), Cigna, Careconnect, CoreSource, CenterLight Healthcare, Healthfirst (Medicare & Completcare), Health Net, Optum Health, magnacare, No-Fault insurance (car accident) , NMR, TRIAD (VNS), worker's compensation insurance and any medical insurance with Acupuncture benefit (out of network benefits).

If your insurance is not covered by our acupuncture services , we can provide you with affordable financial plan to help you getting the needed acupuncture treatment for your well being.

Invest in your Health - Have miracle Acupuncture treatment now !

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Our Services

We provide TCM, Holistic medicine, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Acupressure, Tuina, Meridian massage, Expelling of toxin, Weight Loss, facial rejuvenation, Cupping, Gua sha, Herb Medicine, Taiji, Qi Gong, Physical Therapy, pain management services. We select specific Traditional Chinese Acupuncture points to reach the magic healing in car accident, work-related injury, back Pain, neck pain, headache, shoulder pain, nerve pain, Arthritis, PMS, painful menstruation, Menopausal syndrome, acne, Juvenile myopia (short sight), computer vision syndrome, allergy, Infertility (improve IVF), Weight Loss, facial rejuvenation and various Children' s diseases.

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Acupuncture Rate

Acupuncture Initial exam W/O treatment $50; Initial exam W/treatment $100 (per unit); Discount programs $90 (agree to publish their tongue, facial, ear, umbilicus, testimonials on social media); Acupuncture treatment $80 (per unit); Discount programs $70 (prepay 6 times package); Massage $99/ 90 min, Massage $70/ 60 min, Massage $45/ 30 min, ; Electric stimulation/Cupping: $10; Herb visit: $50 (per unit); Herb pills: $35/month; Home visit: $200-300; all the discount plan pay by cash.

About Us

Frank Fengyu Zhao, L. AC., PhD

Dr.Frank is an expert of complementary and alternative medicine who has been practicing holistic Medicine for over 33 years. He graduated from GuangXi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and obtained his MD in TCM in 1984.

He was the director of Acupuncture Dept. in China and Senior Research Fellow in the field of Herb and Acupuncture at Harvard Medical School. He is Board Member of United Alliance of NYS Licensed Acupuncturists,Vice Chairman of the World Manipulative Medical Association and professor of New York College of Health Professions. Visiting Lecturer of the following Japan Branch: Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Japan Branch, Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Japan Branch, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Japan Branch, Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Japan Branch.

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What Is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a technique of inserting stainless steel fine filiform needles into the specific Acupuncture points on the body and manipulating it for relieving pain and other illness.

Modern studies have revealed that Acupuncture can let our body to release endogenous chemicals to regulate our self-healing system. Since these "endogenous medicines" are created and release from our body, therefore they are all nature, without any side effective.

The Traditional Chinese Acupuncture techniques is good for conditions of fertility,weight loss,anxiety and depression treatment, it is totally nature and without side effects.

You can read more acupuncture treatment and benefits information here......

Frank Zhao PHD In Neurology

Acupuncture NYC License

Acupuncture NJ State License

Sasakawa School Scholarship In Japan

The world manipulative medical association vice president certificate

Dr Frank with his students at New York College of Health Professions

DR Frank Harvard School ID

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Frank Zhao PhD In Neurology