Stimulating the Acupuncture points can let our body releasing endogenous medicine
(Endorphins) and enhancing the body's self-healing power to treat various diseases

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Patient Videos

acupuncture clinic patients videos testimonials

patient video testimonials

Patient suffering of 3 years of sleep disorder and insomnia

Patient who got a car accident recovery from Acupuncture treatment


Post car accident By Female patient Sonnenberg. G 


Testimonial of Acupuncture for post car accident By Female Patient Adelipour K


Powerful Chinese Acupuncture Miracle Energy cure sudden Neck Stiff in only one time treatment


Acupuncture treatment effectiveness on patient neck shoulder stiff pain 


Chinese Traditional Medicine Moving Cupping Treatment For Patient Back Pain Relief 


Acupuncture multiple needles technique bring positive energy On the back of the patient 


Patient who received acupuncture needle treatment feeling neck movement almost become normal