Stimulating the Acupuncture points can let our body releasing endogenous medicine
(Endorphins) and enhancing the body's self-healing power to treat various diseases

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Physical constitution Test

Please answer the following questions according to the recent 3 months of your body situation and feeling:

Note: This test does not apply to pregnant women

Tip: You can face a mirror to take the judge when you observe your body

Your name:                                                 male/female ,   Date of birth:



1, Do you feel your skin or lips dry?

2, Are your lips red than the average person?

3, Are your Zygomatic area reddish or flushing?

4, Are your forehead secreting more oil secretion?

5, Compared to the others, are your Upper eyelid swollen (a slight bulge on the eyelid)?

6, Do you usually have a lot of phlegm, particularly do you feel your throat always have phlegm clogged there?

7, Are your tongue coating thick and greasy or feel thick?

8, Are your face or nose greasy or oily?

9, Are your Zygomatic area have fine red silk like blood vessels?

10, Are your face complexion dark or easy to have dark brown spots?

11, Are you likely to have black eyes?

12, Are your lips color dark?

13, Do you have a sticky mouth feeling?

14, Do you feel bitter mouth or other mouth taste?

15, you have cough or asthma due to seasonal, temperature changes or strange smell?

16, Are you prone to allergies (to medicines, foods, odors, pollen or seasons, climate)?

17, Are your voices low and weak?

18, Do you have cold hands and feet?

19, Do you feel upper abdomen, back, waist, or knee cold?

20, Do you feel lower tolerance to cold, you need wear more clothes than others?

21, Are you susceptible to cold than others?

22, you eat or drink cool stuff will feel uncomfortable or afraid to eat or drink cool stuff?

23, Are you easy to diarrhea after eat or drink cool stuff?

24, Are you susceptible to constipation or dry stools?

25, Do you feel dry eyes?

26, Are you easy sweating after slightly activity?

27, Are you likely shortness of breath, then not on the air?

28, Are you easily palpitation?

29, Are you susceptible to dizziness or vertigo when you stand up?

30, Do you like quiet, too lazy to talk?

31, Do you feel chest or abdominal fullness?

32, Do you feel body heavy?

33, Do your face born acne easily or your skin get sores easily?

34, Do you feel your stool viscosity unhappy, solvability endless?

35, Do you feel urethra fever when urinating, are your urine concentration (dark)?

36, Are your vaginal discharge color yellow?

37, Do your skin often appear unconsciously bruising petechiae (bleeding under the skin)?

38, Are there any pain on your body?

39, Do you sneeze even you didn’t catch cold?

40, Do you feel depressed, low mood?

41, Are you likely nervous, anxious yet?

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